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One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
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To translate is to convert texts and ideas from one language to another, thus producing new texts that should reflect the original idea. With a team of fast and efficient professionals due to the years of experience working in this area and as English teachers our customers have high quality services in the shortest time and at a price that satisfies.

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Subtitling allows a person to while listening to the original language, see and read the respective translation that is displayed on the screen, in the form of subtitles, and fully enjoy the content displayed even if the person does not perceive the oral language



An interpretation can be simultaneous (at the same time that the speaker speaks, being suitable for large audiences), consecutive (the interpreter acts during the stops of the speaker) or murmured (at the same time as the speaker, being the best for two people).

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In a simultaneous interpretation, as the name suggests, the interpreter hears and, at the same time that the speaker is communicating, interprets the content in the local language. It is ideal for lectures, workshops, etc. The audience follows the speech with the use of a headphone that is provided. We want to be the ideal partner for your event. Contact us.


Consecutive interpretation does not differ much from the simultaneous interpretation. There is no need for the use of headsets, depending on the space and the size of the audience, this interpretation is characterized by the fact that the interpreter acts among the small stops that the speaker makes during his speech. Contact us for more information.


The murmured interpretation is the type of interpretation suited to small groups, two people maximum. The method to interpret is the same used in the simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter speaks in a whispered voice so only those involved in the conversation can understand. Usually does not require any type of equipment but a microphone can be used. It is ideal for business meetings, conversation between individuals who do not speak the same language, etc. Contact us



Narrations or dialogues, simple audio files or videos can be transcribed into texts by using a methodology for each content. We cover matters of a general nature and also of several areas of expertise.

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