About us

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
Frank Smith

Our history


WE TRANSLATE was created when a small group of English teachers felt the need to add their contribution to the interpretation and translation market in Angola due to the growing need for translation and interpretation services by individuals, private and public companies. It began with the translation of documents such as school certificates and work statements from English to Portuguese and vice versa. With more than a year of translating and interpreting to the highest level of professionalism and rigor the need to expand our services arose with the aim to bring people and ideas closer.

Bandeira no top do monte - We Translate


To do our job with the highest quality standards. To be the bridge between the Portuguese and the English language and vice versa.

Balança da justiça


Secrecy! We know how important it is not to disclose a document that does not belong to us.



Trust, Professionalism,
Rigor, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Our collaborators have a vast knowledge of English as a foreign language, therefore they know the challenges of translation and modern interpretation.